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Weeklong Kerala Cooking Adventure

Duration : 07 Days
Destination : Kerala

You arrive at Pimento before lunch. After a light lunch, when you feel fully refreshed we will introduce you to the regional history of the Kerala cuisine, talking about techniques, utensils and the fabulous range of local ingredients that you will using while cooking. After the session, we will start cooking together with plenty of time to ask questions, share ideas, go at your own pace followed by dinner.

After a breakfast of local produce, we will explore the regions markets together and have a chance to visit to the two important local places of worship. A ride along the river will give you a glimpse into our way of life; how our culture and religions intermingle with our food and cuisine. After lunch, inspired by all we have seen we will cook together.

Early morning we start our day trip to the tea hills of Munnar, made famous by the film The Life of Pi but with so much more to offer than just spectacular scenery. Tea enthusiasts can learn about the history of this delicate refreshment. We, as a part of responsible tourism, take our guest to a small NGO where they can see and buy handmade natural dyed fabrics and paper providing much needed employment to local people

This will be a relaxing cooking day. Take time to rest, reflect, ponder, explore our exotic gardens and ask questions. We will be having a cooking session either for lunch or dinner

This will be an exciting day as you are going work with clay in a studio pottery workshop, the only one in Kerala. This is a chance to work with your hands to make and, if you would like, to buy terracotta and art pottery. We will eat locally a Kerala lunch from the region with ingredients sourced locally. Also have an opportunity in the later afternoon we will enjoy Kerala tea and snacks then head for home to have a dinner.

We will enjoy a healthy and satisfying breakfast and will explore more deeply the local food industry and see some other great sights including the unforgettable truck painting centre, a colourful

feature of our local landscape and very famous in the region. After lunch, we will further develop our cooking skills.

This will be a day to shop for spices grown in the region, with lots of hints and tips to help you spot quality ingredients. You can also buy any kitchen wares you wish to take from here to help you to continue with your cooking adventures. We can also shop to get fine natural, locally made fabrics. The focus of the shopping will be ethical, handmade, and value for money. If you enjoy spending time in the nature we can have a picnic breakfast in the woods on the day we do the shopping trip. Your final day of cooking to perfect the skill and to be proud and confident cooks in Indian Home Cooking

After what we hope has been an invigorating, inspiring and enjoyable week of cooking, learning and sharing together we will be bidding you a fond farewell after breakfast. Till we meet again

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